Black-Liner is a Nightliner/Tourbus company from Bavaria in Germany.

Motivation, enthusiasm and the love of the job is always true to our motto “fast and safe”, we fulfill our orders and tasks every day to the complete satisfaction of our customers.


Not least because of our own high quality standards for our customers, we give everything for our passion every day.

We offer exclusive double-decker busses, especially for the entertainment industry. Whether band, crew or production, we drive you.

The interiors of our busses are modern, functional and comfortable for the daily tour needs. We attach great importance to our performance and team spirit. In addition, good service is part of our passion.

Due to the tidy appearance of our vehicles as well as our drivers, the travelling artist is presented at events in the best possible way.

We are especially proud of our drivers, who do their best every day to transport our customers safely and rested from place to place.

Cleanliness and the daily contact with the customer are very important to us, because we want to have a smooth and trouble-free tour together with you, and this as a common team.

We would like to maintain our good standard, but also to improve continuously.

In our vehicles we offer modern entertainment media.

You can see our first vehicle types on the following pages, including site plans and photographs of the interior.

The "tour feeling" of bands and crew members should be preserved.


-Your safety and comfort are our top priority-



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With us musicians, crews, artists from all over the world travel through Europe. It is therefore very important to us that every customer feels comfortable with us.

Everyone who appreciates perfect service and comfortable busses is right with us.

Our team would like to offer you the best support - and that is exactly why we accompany you as a team.

Each of us as a professional in his own area.