Our services clearly focus on everything that belongs to a nightliner production, that a show or a tour takes place. Travel preparations, tours, service and logistics as well as travel management.



We focus on the following service:


- Our customers have the highest priority and attention

- professional drivers
- planning and execution of tours
- ferry bookings
- everyday cleaning and disinfection
- making the beds
- filling up bus racks
- loading luggage suitcases
- coordination of several vehicles
- Shuttle-Service
- Snacks and Drinks
- Planning breaks
- Bus Branding
- If you have special wishes for your stay or if we can help you with            anything else, Please contact us.



Försterweg 13 | D-89278 Nersingen Germany | info@black-liner.net | marcelo@black-liner.net | sylvia@black-liner.net


mobil.+49(0)171.1253211 | phone.+49(0)7308.923626 

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Updated on 15.01.2021


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